Donna L. Spencer

Office Administrator, Paralegal, 
Administrative Assistant


Donna has been instrumental in the development of The Hartnett Law Firm. She has been a dedicated member of The Hartnett Law Firm since its inception, but her history with the Hartnett’s goes even further. Donna began working with Jim Sr., in 1966. During her career Donna has developed a reputation in her own right.

Though not a lawyer, Donna has acquired knowledge and experience that make her a valuable asset to the attorneys at our offices and those in and around Dallas. Many attorneys around the state recognize that she is extremely pleasant to work with and provides insight into the practical aspects of probate administration. Some even call for her input into the practical aspects of their own cases or administrations.

Donna has devoted her life to the law and to the advancement of The Hartnett Law Firm’s clients. Her tireless efforts have provided the stability of administration needed for any law firm to thrive. She has also enjoyed a close relationship with the Hartnett family, watching all of the Hartnett children grow up and many enter the very firm she helped their father build.

In addition to her work, Donna loves spending time with her own family the most. After raising two children, including her daughter Tracy who works at the firm, she now has the luxury of being a doting grandmother. Other than spending lots of time at the grandkids’ sporting events and recitals, she is an avid reader, attends church regularly, and cherishes returning to her native East Texas.