dallas estate litigation lawyer

Many people ask if they need a will. The answer is yes! If you want to make sure that your property goes to the right people or if you want to simplify the process for your heirs then a will is a necessity. However, wills are not always foolproof and can lead to litigation amongst beneficiaries. This is where our firm gets involved. We have over 35 years of estate litigation experience to guide you through the process.

When many people think of probate they think estate planning, but that’s not what our firm does. Rather than drafting the documents, our role focuses on the litigation. Specific examples of types of litigation we have handled include defending wills from a contest, representing the contestants themselves in a will contest, or seeking to construe the meaning of the will after it has been probated.

Will contests are just one aspect of estate litigation. Probate litigation covers many bases from seeking to get information from a personal representative, litigation against a fiduciary, and determinations of who a Decedent’s heirs are including common-law spouses. Our firm handles all areas of estate litigation. Some specific examples include:

There are other areas of estate litigation besides a will contest that our firm handles including:

  • Demands for an accounting
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against executors and administrators
  • Removal of executors and administrators
  • Heirship determinations