Mediation dallas, TX

Mediation in Dallas, TX plays a large role in our practice. It is important for our clients to understand how it works and why it is something we highly encourage (and courts often require).

Litigation can take a toll on the parties. It can be contentious, long, and stressful. Mediation can bring a quick end to litigation. Our Firm will work with you to generate the best strategy to achieve your individual goals. Whether we resolve a case at mediation or take a case to trial, we ensure the same quality of representation.

Mediation Basics

About 90% of cases never make it to trial. Instead they settle in mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution. We generally encourage our clients to pursue mediation because it is an informal and confidential way to resolve a dispute using a neutral mediator. The mediator is involved solely to facilitate discussion; ultimately, it is the parties themselves who must reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Mediation offers there are several benefits to you:

  • Less contentious environment than a courtroom
  • More cost effective
  • Quicker resolution than a trial

Because trials are so difficult, take a long time, and often leave both parties dissatisfied, courts generally require at least one mediation. If a mediation is held early in the process, parties will often agree to try a later mediation.

All parties attend the mediation and are in their own room with their attorney. The mediator, who does not have a stake in the case, shuttles between the rooms to try to work out a settlement that everyone can live with. Mediations often take all day – and can go into the late night – while the parties work toward this resolution. The mediator listens to the pros and cons of your case and points out reasons you would benefit from settling. The mediator also can suggest ideas for settling the case.

One of the biggest benefits to a mediation is that the parties control the outcome. In a trial, the jury answers questions and someone loses. Often with an “all or nothing” outcome. In mediation, everyone can win something.


Fees for mediations are included in the plan laid out for you at the consultation. It is not a separate fee. If your case is on a contingency basis, the terms remain the same. If your case is on an hourly basis, the time spent in mediation will follow the agreed schedule.